Cameron Christensen


Platinum Solar was founded by Cameron Christensen a solar industry expert with over a decade of experience. Cameron is a Utah native. He previously lead one of the largest privately held solar companies in the nation which is still thriving today. Cameron wanted to return and provide his level of caliber to his home state of Utah. Platinum Solar is that company and is committed to providing you with affordable clean energy while also showing you how to save money on future energy costs for your family and home.


Hyrum Mullikin

VP of sales

Hyrum has a passion for solar renewable energy and has always been enthused with working with people in all aspects of his life. Hyrum is experienced in sales training, managing and team building. These qualities and attributes have been proven with those he does business with, his colleagues and in his personal life. Providing superior customer service and practices are deep rooted in him. He has been immersed in the sales industry many years and is an influential asset to the continued growth of Platinum Solar!