Tax Incentives


What are the tax incentives


Federal tax incentive currently 30% UNTIL Dec 2019!!!.



Utah state incentive currently up to $1600!


Net metering

Another huge incentive that makes solar worth while is NET METERING! What is Net metering? This allows Platinum Solar to connect your cost effective solar system to the electric grid to provide you with savings. Doing this allows you to send your extra solar electricity back to the grid and receive credits on your electric bill. At times your solar system will generate more power than you use. Any extra power that you don’t use now, you can use later when your solar system is not creating as much power at night, or cloudy days and the like. This is the benefit of Net Metering.


Federal and State incentives

Federal and State incentives require homes to qualify. Not all homes will qualify and Platinum Solar will hassle free at no cost find out if your home is approved!